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Hotel Regulation

ARTICLE 1 - Every guest by the fact of hiring accommodations and hotel services of Ocean Riviera Paradise accepts this regulation to which is subject considering it as the service contract that must be met. 

ARTICLE 2 - Every guest must fill and sign the register card and keep the provided bracelet tied to the wrist at all times. A $100 USD charge applies if lost. 

ARTICLE 3 - Children must remain always accompanied by adults. 

ARTICLE 4 - Ocean Riviera Paradise is against children''s sexual tourism. Any person detected under this practice will be subject to the law of the country and handed over immediately to the competent authorities. 

ARTICLE 5 - Pets of any kind are not allowed. Only guide dogs are allowed under management authorization and upon prior request. The dog must meet hygiene standards and the owner (guest) will be directly responsible of such guide dog. 

ARTICLE 6 - In case of detecting any damage to the furniture and/or fittings of the room and/or public areas of the hotel the amount of repair, cleaning or replacement will be charged. We recommend making proper use of such, any damage detected will automatically generate a room charge. 

ARTICLE 7 - Every room has a safety deposit box that guests can use for free. The hotel will not be liable for the loss or theft of valuables not put in safety deposit boxes. 

ARTICLE 8 - Any external visit should be advised in advance to the Front Desk, providing data of each visitor. Visitors should withdraw from the property within 30 minutes and may remain only at the lobby without using the rest of the facilities or consuming any food or drink. It is forbidden to provide accommodation to people who are not previously registered at reception and the maximum capacity of the room cannot be exceeded. 

ARTICLE 9 - The hotel management reserves the right to evict from the premises without the obligation to give any explanation to any guest whose behavior goes against morality, decency and good manners or if their behavior disturbs other guests. The foregoing with the purpose of protecting other customers. 

ARTICLE 10 - In order to preserve the exclusivity and high quality of service in restaurants guests need to dress according to the dress code established by the hotel and cannot come into the restaurants with wet clothes. It is not allowed to take food and drinks out of the restaurants. 

ARTICLE 11 - For any comment. complaint or to request a service guests may contact the front desk or customer service department. 

ARTICLE 12 - The established check-out time is at 12:00hrs, if the guest does not vacate the room at this time there will be an automatic room charge for every extra hour. During the check-out the guest must return room keys and towel cards at the front desk, in case of loss of any of these items the corresponding charge will be applied. 

ARTICLE 13 - Guests must return the wristband when checking out or a $100 USD charge will be applied. 

ARTICLE 14 - The accommodation must be paid in advance or upon arrival. Otherwise the guest must cover at least the corresponding payment for the first night of stay. The hotel reserves the right of admission. 

ARTICLE 15 - Personal checks are not accepted for any payment. Credit cards are limited in their acceptance to those advertised as valid in the hotel administration and that can cover the bill amount. 

ARTICLE 16 - The use of electric irons or other devices powered by electricity will be used under the responsibility of the guest. 

ARTICLE 17 - The shops and agencies that are within the property are dealerships and their management is independent from the operation of the hotel; the hotel will not be responsible of their dealings. 

ARTICLE 18 - Every guest must leave the front door, terrace door and water faucets closed when leaving the room. The hotel is not responsible of events caused by the lack of attention to this recommendation.

ARTICLE 19 - It is not allowed to hang clothes or towels on the room railing and to use towels or other hotel belongings outside of the property.

ARTICLE 20 - The pools are only for hotel guests'' use. It is not allowed to enter the pool with clothes, it is mandatory to wear swimsuit. The pool''s regulations must be respected. For hygiene reasons It is not allowed to drink or eat in the pools.